10 Tips For Lightening Up a Dark Room (No Renovations Needed)

The amount of light a room receives instantly changes the way it makes us feel. But what if your home doesn’t invite much natural light? Major renovations can be expensive and inconvenient, or if you’re renting, often out of the question entirely. But when we spend so much time inside our homes, especially with many of us now working from home, optimising spaces in our home to feel bright is worthwhile investment. Beyond aesthetics, lighting can greatly impact our mood. A bright, airy room with swathes of natural light feels uplifting and comforting.

If you don’t have an abundance of natural light or the option to add windows, there are other ways brighten your room and beat the dark atmosphere. Here are our top 10 tips for lightening up dark rooms. 

1. Let Light in with Airy Curtains

Ditch the heavy curtains - if windows are present at all, be sure to take advantage of as much light as you can get from them. Opt for curtains in light colours such as white, linen, or soft tan to brighten up your space. Consider choosing sheer materials that will amplify the airy look and allow even more light to come in. 

2. Pick White or Light Wall Colours

Light colours don't just make a space feel airy and large, they also reflect the light in a room. Painting your walls white or a light colour allows you to take advantage of existing light in a space and instantly brighten any room.  

3. Choose Streamlined, Light Coloured Furniture

If you are renting or painting your walls isn't an option, look instead to lifting the brightness of your space with the furniture and decor within it. The same goes for rugs. Opt for light, bright colour rugs to lift your room from the floor up.

4. Use Accent Textures & Colours

Just because you want your space to look and feel bright, doesn't mean it needs to be boring or devoid of flair. In fact, choosing an accent colour and incorporating textures can help create balance.

5. Incorporate Reflective Surfaces

Reflective furniture can have a similar effect to a mirror and will bounce light back into the room so place any items that have a light or metallic surfaces in the areas that get the most natural light.

6. Install Multiple Light Sources

If a room lacks natural light, one or two fixed overhead lights are unlikely to provide ample illumination. Adding table or floor lamps are a beautiful, simple way to create ambient lighting. Positioning these additional light sources in a way that casts the light onto the walls or ceiling will maximise their impact and brighten the room.

7. Position Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors are your best friend when it comes to styling small and dark rooms. Not only do mirrors make a give the illusion of added space, they are also a powerful tool for reflecting light. Try positioning mirrors near light sources, such as in the direct path of sunlight or close to a lamp. For smaller rooms, opt for a mirror that is generous in size without overwhelming the space, ideally with a thin frame.

8. Choose Bright Art

Choose a few pieces of art, leaving plenty of space around each to make the walls look expansive.

9. Cut Back on Clutter

There is a reason minimal spaces tend to feel airy and opulent. Getting rid of excessive "stuff" is a no brainer when it comes to elevating any interior, but this is particularly important for small, dark rooms. The more items there are in a room, the more shadows are cast and the less wall space there is available for light reflection. 

10. Clean your Windows

Lastly, be sure you are taking advantage of whatever windows you have by ensuring you clean them regularly. You will immediately enjoy the feeling of freshness that comes along with it, and be surprised by how much natural light your room was able to invite.

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